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Bob for a Change

The days are brighter with a haircut that is as versatile as it is bright and colorful. Go for a flexible cut if you like to play with your hair and enjoy expressing yourself with the fashion you choose. One day the short bob cut is all nice and tidy with a sleek and round styling, the next day it can look wild and intriguing as the small image on the bottom.
The neck is layered with the hair being cut in a steep angle and longer top hair sits above it. By putting some texturizing and modeling crème into the hair, it is as easy as pie to lift the hair for another exciting look. Ruby Red is one of the latest trend colors and it looks especially good, when the roots are just a touch darker than the rest.
Ruby red hair color
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Collection: Beauty Clash
Hairstyle: Patrick Kalle for Farouk Systems Europe
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