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Mane and Fur

There was a time when long hair for men was a standard. And these times might just come back. It is just too beautiful to not become one of fashion's hottest trends. The key for long hair to look this great is healthy hair, a little styling and lots of shine.
His hair is super straight, reaches about mid back and is parted on the side with a little kink in the part to add a touch of rugged and masculine. A hot iron helps to pull it this straight and shine serum helps with the seductive shimmer. Leather and fur in their utter luxury are a must have combination for this kind of fairy tale mane.
Mid back hair for men
Soft hairstyles for men and women
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video Collection: Angels
Hair: Paul Gehring for ALCINA
Make-up: Fabrizio Camponeschi
Photography: Carlo Ballocchi
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