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Feminine and Sporty

This short textured bob is wildly feminine with its rounded shape, soft edges and strong movement, but it is also a very wearable and sporty hairstyle for all of the fun winter activities. It makes a stylish statement on the snowy hills as well as in the après ski bar.
Parted on the side the dynamic of the haircut turns up another notch and with the forward styling, done with a thick round brush, it is one of the most desired looks out there. What is new is the rounded back side which is created by layering the hair and turning it inward when drying. The sandy blonde color sparkles with bright highlights.
<short and sporty bob hairstyle
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Collection: Hairstyles Fall-Winter 2012-2013
Hairstyle: Jack Holt Coiffeur Créateur
Photography: Anissa Si
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