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Long Hairstyle with Big Curls

Great curls always are irresistible like no other look. Voluptuous volume with all of those romantic, sensuous curls is wonderfully dramatic. The long hair is parted slightly on the side with just a short line leading into an elevated back, styled with a hint of a retro bump in the rear section of the crown.
Soft and fluffy, this hairstyle exudes incredible charm and the warm, reddish brown hair color not only makes her blue eyes sparkle, but also brings a lot of heat to the colder days.
pink silk blouse and long red hair
long hairstyle
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Collection: Warm & Softness
Hair Sasscha Hirtsgaard - Guys & Dolls Intercoiffure
Make-up: Ditte Kragballe
Products: Paul Mitchell
Photography: Bert Goeman
Clothing: Hale Bob & Rocking Blue
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