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The Changeling

Small but mighty! This short haircut has real guts and comes across with a boldness despite the softening layers and the gentle texture. Much of the expression is in the color, which is a dark and warm brown, accentuated with a lighter section directly in front, which has the color of a cool morning mist, or you can also call it a light ash-blonde.
The changeling nature is in the cut with all of the layers that can be used to create a series of looks, each one with a different expression. Check the images below for styling ideas, but you will come up with many of your own too!
fashionable short haircut with multiple colors
short haircut for ash-blonde hair
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Collection: Urban Beat
Hairstyles & Make-up: J.7 artistic team
Styling: Nicole Czapalla
Outfits: SIOK / Carlos Guevara
Photography: Vlado Golub
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