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Undercut with Hair Tattoo

Luxury made in the 21st century can have an edgy side. This very short haircut includes famous classic lines of timeless elegance, infuses a modern undercut and a fascinating new coloring technique.
The high top is ultra feminine and stands in a strong contrast to the undercut sides and back. The overlapping hair can be styled to the other side to reveal the short clipped hair underneath, as can be seen in the photos below.
Styling options of this ravishing cut are plenty and with a swirly color adornment in the back, also called hair tattoo, a new trend with unlimited possibilities is born. This look proves that femininity and romance in hair can be created with short lengths and masculine as well as rebellious elements. It is all about balance and artistic composition.
  • verys hort hairstyle with clipped sides and back
  • short hairstyle with undercut sides
  • short haircut with a high top
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Collection: With Love from Rome
Hairstyle: Intercoiffure Mondial
Photographer: Rob Peetom
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