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Folded and Rolled

Preppy, immaculate and space age chic. A novel interpretation of the chignon boasts a unique combination of techniques to create this updo. The hair was separated into a wide section that includes the long front hair and then the sides to a spot just behind the ear.
The side hair was taken to the back where it was gathered and pulled fairly tight for a strict (but not painful) fit. Then the resulting long pony tail, which includes side and back hair was folded in an pinned to a puffy and smooth chignon.
As a last step the wide front, after treated with smoothing lotion and a strong hold styling product, was folded back over the head, across the chignon and also fastened invisible, underneath it.
Collection: Nouveau Romantic
Hair: Suzie McGill, Rainbow Room International
Make-up: James O'Reilly
Styling: Jared Green
Photography: John Rawson
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