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Women's Haircut with Clipped Sides

Postmodernism at its greatest. A creation of hair that could not be more eccentric and fun with its architectural design. Short hair close to the scalp and cut with fine precision is topped first by a burst of soft spikes which then extend to a long and sleek layer of shiny beauty.
Not just to the forehead but in a large curve these diagonal bangs reach the upper part of her cheekbone. The mix of a short clipped undercut and the long section is full of sizzle, which is intensified hugely with the fiery copper and orange color.
short women's hairstyle with spikes
close to the scalp haircut for women
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Collection: Unmistakably Chic
Hairstyle: Zentralverband des Deutschen Friseurhandwerks
Photography: Michael Petersohn, Berlin
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