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Very Short Garçon Haircut

Hollywood discovered the short haircuts a while ago and now more and more courageous women sport a well coiffed garçon look. Despite the minimal length these cuts are surprisingly feminine and have a sensuality all of their own. Extreme short haircuts draw attention to the face and that is their secret.
This very short hairstyle was designed with a clean outline, dramatically short bangs cut in one large curve from one cheekbone to the other. Besides the very fine texture in the tips there is also a sculptural texture that was put into the hair with a comb after a smoothing product was put one. The fine stripes are the traces of it.
very short hairstyle for women
short hairstyle with very short bangs
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Collection: Unmistakably Chic
Hairstyle: Zentralverband des Deutschen Friseurhandwerks
Photography: Michael Petersohn, Berlin
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