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Long Back Angled Bob

Luxury and extravagance sometimes come with a lot of understatement. The angled bob cut has all of that and a bit more. It is a great example for exquisite cutting technique and skill to shape hair to fall this perfectly.
When the cut is right, the need for a long styling with much heat or products magically fades to a minimum, because the hair just knows where is perfect place is. Here it is straight with a smoothly beveled edge that reaches all around, from one angled side to the other with the exception of a blunt and straight, long fringe. Elegance for the 21st century.
bob with a blunt long fringe
beveled bob
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Collection: FabriKa
Hair: Matteo Susini@loft parrucchieri
Make-up: Lorenzo Zavatta
Products: Framesi S.p.a.
Photography: Fulvio Maiani
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