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Cone - Hive Rippled

Mix a conehead with a beehive style and add some of the most gorgeous texture to it and out comes this unusual, beautiful and sky-high creation. It seems to defy all powers of nature and we do not know how comfortable it is to wear, but it sure looks amazing!
The entire length of hair is sent skyward and held in its alien shape by either magic or an invisible secret contraption on the inside together with an even more top secret formula of product. This is one hairstyle to not try to recreate on your own, but to see your stylist about. Stand out of the crowd, literally!
rippled hair styled into a cone
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Collection: FabriKa
Hair: Matteo Susini@loft parrucchieri
Make-up: Lorenzo Zavatta
Products: Framesi S.p.a.
Photography: Fulvio Maiani
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