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Undercut and Color

A very short mushroom or bowl cut just jumps out of the picture with the bold mix of hair colors and the composition of sleek and ultra short textures. Her base color is a deep brown onto which streaks of bright red and a rich fuchsia were set. The red tones appear in their full color but also in darker shadings which gives the surface of the hair so much depth and a marbled appearance.
The largest picture shows a forward styling that reveals the darling little undercut on the side. With a different sweep of the comb the look can take on another shape, as you can see in the smaller image below.
haircut with a short nape and silk blouse collar
magnifier Click to enlarge
Collection: Indigo
Hair: Mič Styling
Photography: AljoĊĦa Rebolj
Styling: Nina Jagodic
Make-up: Mini
Products: Paul Mitchell
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