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Freestyle Spikes

Transitions are the theme for this short masterpiece. Transitions from one texture to another and then between lengths. Some harmonious and in flow, others abrupt and seemingly random. However there is a plan to even the wildest textures, especially when the name Sassoon is behind it.
The perimeter is clipped ultra short, but with a steep graduation in the back. The hair lengthens upward and even more forward on the crown. This is were the thrilling differences in lengths come in, all for a great visual effect but not as happenstance as it may appear.
The hair was fine tuned with shorter sections supporting the longer ones and increasing the hold of this dramatic style. Single color black brown is a logical color for this much boldness.
Collection: Hot Rod
Cut and Color: The Sassoon Creative Team led by Mark Hayes
Make-up: Daniel Koleric
Clothes Stylist: Tabitha Owen
Photographer: Colin Roy
Products: Sassoon Professional
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