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Swanky Curls for Men

The Seagulls have long flocked away, but a memory of their signature style pops up every now and then. The high rising front and long bangs make this curly men's hairstyle especially stylish in a retro meets modern urban sense. Small curls provide the structure, a great cut the shape.
A graduated back moved into a wedge shaped top which is enhanced by a play of hair colors transitioning from a light to a dark blonde. This can be done in different color combinations as well, but with an expressive hairstyle like this, natural colors look great and not overdone.
Transitioning blonde hair colors for men
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Collection: Urban Beat
Salon: Spoiled Hairdressing
Hair: Holly Scanlan, April Allen, Natalie Murray, Rachel Robertson
Styling: Ian Todd
Photography: Matthew Hearne
Products: Sebastian styling range and Label M
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