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Release the Volume

Thick hair is at its best with a short cut that lightens the weight and uses all of the volume in its shape. Touched by the vision of The Hair Studio this thick hair turned into a sassy example of a sensuous play with texture and colors. After cutting it with a blunt line, the entire hair, which most likely has a light natural wave was styled by scrunching and tousling to get this fun, wild but controlled texture.
A side part makes it trendy and gives it the chic and casual character. All of the effects from movement to volume are optically enhanced by the use of color with delicate highlights on the coppery, golden blonde top hair and darker hues that are infused in the lower hair.
Collection: Ice Maiden's
Salon: The Hair Studio
Hair: Harry Boocock & Chris Horsman
Make-up: Lee Pearson
Clothes: Claire Frifth
Photography: Jim Crone
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