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Two Tone Bowl Cut

Bold, ultramodern and yet romantic, this short haircut teases all senses and challenges conventions. Imagine a very short bob with the lower cutting line actually sitting above the eye level. This is basically how this cut is constructed. The short bangs are straight and on each side another inch juts down in a right angle.
Underneath the hair is clipped close to the scalp on the sides and the back. Besides the exciting contrast of textures, the true star of this hairstyle is the color. Actually the two colors. A layer of a very light vanilla/platinum sits sleek on the warm caramel with a smooth transitional effect along the edges.
Collection: Ice Maiden's
Salon: The Hair Studio
Hair: Harry Boocock & Chris Horsman
Make-up: Lee Pearson
Clothes: Claire Frifth
Photography: Jim Crone
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