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Razor Textured Short Haircut

This kind of texture only comes with the help of a very, very sharp blade. The base is an asymmetrical cut with a long fringe off to one side. A masculine cut that turned feminine with elongated lines and playful texture that is cut in with a razor once everything else is in its fine tuned balance and spunky shape.
The neck fits like a tailor made glove and all around the edges is nothing but interesting movement and a jagged but silky line. Her dark brown hair color tries to outshine the cool black leathers she is wearing and gets an extra boost with a few intense sprinkles of copper colored highlights.
Short haircut with an elongated neck and fringe area
Short hair cut with a razor
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Collection: Exposed
Hair Design: Patrick Kalle & Richard Jorden for Farouk Systems Group
Make Up: Touma
Photography: Ivo Rikkert
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