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The Blonde and the Brunette

Blonde Silk: As smooth as the finest silk, this short haircut wows with simple lines and an exquisite finish. Not only is the cut immaculate, but the color also plays with our perception and sends our eyes off to a sensual journey. Very light blonde is applied in wide areas to highlight a medium, golden blonde base which shows mostly on the edges, in front and underneath. The short hairstyle is fine tuned to the shape of her head and her features. Every corner and every line have a purpose. The bangs are low and start way in the back with a deep side part.
Zen in Brunette: Somewhere in the thought process to create this unconventional hairstyle was the idea of a bob, but the final result is way beyond the classic concept. Curved lines frame the face and also continue with a similar vibe around her neck and extended lengths in the back section. Those longer strands are cut tapered so that they can be sharpened to a fine point. Smooth motion and deep zen energy give this look its very special touch. Everything is round, organic and yes - balanced.
Collection: My Balance
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