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Collar Touching Short Hair

The less hair you have to work with, the neater and lighter you will appear when you put that new suit on. There is something magical that happens when you get a haircut, because it ties into the rest of your body. The weight loss fairy makes her entrance!
Try this simple test. Put a long haired wig on and the new outfit you just bought then take the wig off and put on a shorter wig and scrutinize your figure in the mirror and be honest! If you have a good haircut, you're going to look great for the rest of the day.
Putting your long hair up helps a little bit, but it isn't the same. Haven't you seen the heavy hair up on some ladies and they end up looking a bit too matronly? Less can be more for some of us seasoned chicks.
The photo has heavily clipped short layers that evolve into a pouf around the face and on the top and crown. The cuff has a blended collar touching, smooth fringe. Simple to blow dry and away you go!
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