Awesome Pixie Cuts (24)

Getting a pixie cut is one of the most daring changes you can make with your hair. It takes courage to go for a pixie and it’s normal to be nervous. There are however many reasons to give this haircut a try. A pixie comes with a lot of benefits, like being easy to care for and easy to style. Ahead are ideas and inspiration for awesome pixie cuts!
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  • pixie with undercut hair
  • pixie for a redhead
  • pixie with a curved fringe
  • pixie for silver hair
  • pixie with uplifting of the hair
  • pixie style with a full fringe
  • pixie cut with a longer section
  • pixie with the hair styled up
  • blonde pixie
  • easy short pixie
  • short and fresh pixie cut
  • pixie styled with gel
  • pixie with curls
  • pixie with layers
  • pixie with gel styling
  • pixie with alternating layers
  • layered pixie for red hair
  • pixie with pointy styling
  • easy to wear pixie
  • pixie with an elongated neckline
  • contemporary pixie hairstyle
  • pixie cut with silver highlights
  • blonde pixie with dark roots
  • very short pixie
  • bleached blonde hair in a pixie
  • Pixie cut with gel styling
  • more short hairstyles

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