Pixie Cuts (21)

A pixie cut is a good choice if you want to freshen up your look and go really short. It is a youthful haircut that never goes out of fashion. Every woman can pull off a pixie cut, but the most flattering style for you will depend on your face shape. Keep scrolling for cute pixie cuts that will definitely inspire your next hair salon appointment!
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  • smooth pixie
  • gamine short hairstyle
  • pixie cut with a forelock
  • pixie for purple hair
  • pixie style with an elongated neck
  • short hairstyle with a forelock
  • new and edgy pixie
  • short sculpted haircut
  • bold short haircut
  • short hair with mussy styling
  • pixie with a long fringe
  • smooth pixie
  • short haircut with sleek lines
  • sporty short haircuts
  • pixie with a camouflaged forehead
  • pixiebob
  • cropped pixie-cut
  • androgynous short hairstyle
  • pixie style with curls
  • pixie look with smooth styling
  • 60s and 70s pixie
  • pixie with cycloid curls
  • pixie cut for Asian hair
  • pixie cut with a tapered nape
  • short hair with small piecy bangs
  • carefree short hairstyle
  • easy to do pixie style
  • pixie with gel styling
  • extravagant short haircut
  • more short hairstyles

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