Pixie Cuts (20)

Have you been thinking about trading your long locks for an adorable pixie cut? One of the best parts about pixies is their versatility and there are a lot of beautiful pixie cut options out there! A pixie can look conservative, sophisticated or trendy. Check out these lovely pixie haircuts and consult with your hair stylist!
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  • pixie with a gray hair color
  • pixie with elongated nape tapering
  • pixie with a blocked off nape
  • 1980s pixie with a clippered nape
  • pixie style with a shaved neck
  • pixie style with wispy out-turned ends
  • pixie haircut with a long fringe
  • pixie hairstyle with a round silhouette
  • pixie style with a cropped up nape
  • pixie with a hair color that goes from light to dark
  • pixie cut with a super short back
  • neat pixie cut with a short cropped neck
  • versatile pixie with curls
  • pixie cut with tapered sides
  • pixie cut with tapered sides
  • light and short pixie style
  • asymmetrical pixie with a curl at the cheek
  • pixie style that is easily maintained
  • pixie for bleached hair
  • short pixie with a tapered back and sides
  • pixie with a long curved fringe
  • pixie with a steeply tapered neckline
  • red pixie with a long side-lock
  • layered pixie with easy styling
  • pixie cut with a long forelock
  • modern pixie with choppy layering
  • short blonde pixie with height
  • pixie with the hair styled forward
  • pixie with curly top hair
  • more short hairstyles

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