Pixie Cuts (19)

Are you thinking to yourself: What is a pixie cut? A pixie is a popular short haircut for women. The sides and back are cut very short and the hair on top of the head is left a little longer. Some pixies feature bangs. Pixie cuts are expressive and suitable for women of all ages. Check out these inspiring pixies!
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  • pixie cut with a very short back
  • very short hair with femininity
  • pixie with lots of texture
  • windblown short hairstyle
  • fashion pixie with a sweeping fringe
  • pixie for a natural look
  • pixie with tussled hair
  • pixie with a spiky silhouette
  • pixie with demi bangs
  • punk rock inspired pixie
  • partner look
  • very short Annie Lenox hairstyle
  • platinum blonde pixie
  • feminine pixie cut
  • youthful short haircut
  • bob and pixie combination
  • precision cut pixie style
  • pixie with bright hair colors
  • pixie with a tapered sideline and bangs
  • pixie hairstyle for an Audrey Hepburn look
  • short pixie with buzz cut length hair
  • pixie with a short neck area and long bangs
  • pixie for silver gray feathered hair
  • modern pixie hairstyle
  • pixie cut with the sides contoured around the ears
  • pixie cut with a blunted border
  • short cropped cut for blonde hair
  • pixie cut with spiked hair
  • pixie cut for dark brown hair
  • more short hairstyles

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