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Uniform Layer - How To (2)

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Step 4
Next continue with vertical sections using both the initial vertical section and the horizontal section as a guide. Continue to the ear.
uniform layer - step 4 uniform layer - step 5
Step 5
Please note to over direct behind the ear to maintain weight around the perimeter.
Step 6
Now cross check your work.
uniform layer - step 6 uniform layer - step 7
Step 7
Now repeat this process on the other side.
Step 8
Please note Steve checks his work both technically and visually assessing root movement.
uniform layer - step 8 uniform layer - step 9
Step 9
Next work in the mid section.
Step 10
Work with a vertical section using the first section as a guide to establish the internal length and guide.
Visualize the internal shape and balance through the side using the comb as a tool. Standing back from your work is essential allowing for assessment and balance.
uniform layer - step 10 uniform layer - step 11
Step 11
Cut a square line to the head shape, the top part of the section will consequently be longer allowing for the roundness of the head and movement in the crown.
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