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Uniform layer haircut - Continue behind the ear
Step 12: Continue with vertical sections to behind the ear, using the previous section as a guide.
Uniform layer haircut - Cutting process
Step 13: Repeat the same process on the other side. The internal shape will be slightly curved.
Uniform layer haircut - Cut square to the head
Step 14: Next work with the side areas. Create a horizontal section, then take vertical sections which you elevate and cut square to the head. The horizontal section allows you to achieve correct elevation and over-directions.
Uniform layer haircut - Cut the opposite side
Step 15: Repeat this process on the other side.
Uniform layer haircut - Refine the outline shape
Step 16: Now refine the outline shape visually, using free hand techniques.
Uniform layer haircut - Bring down the top section
Step 17: Next bring down the top section and start with a vertical section, running from the front hairline through to the crown.
Uniform layer haircut - Cut a line following the head shape
Step 18: Using the crown as a guide, cut a rounded line following the head shape. As his sections run towards the front headline, Steve allows for length.
Uniform layer haircut - Create length in the front
Step 19: Using the previous section as a guide and pivoting the section in the crown, work horizontal sections towards the front hairline, over-directing back to create length in the front.
Uniform layer haircut - How to
Step 20: Repeat this process on the second side.
Uniform layer haircut - refine the internal shape
Step 21: Refine the internal shape with a pointing technique.
Short haircut with uniform layers
Finish: Steve has created a uniform layer, a user-friendly versatile technique for any busy salon floor.
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