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The Metta (2)

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Step 4
Use a pointing technique and the narrow end of the comb to achieve the outline fringe area, cutting from the centre and working outwards.
tailored shape haircut - step 4 tailored shape haircut - step 5
Step 5
Continue with parallel sections throughout the entire triangle section using the initial section as a guide.
Step 6
Take a section in the centre back. Then working horizontal sections, cut a square guide with little tension using the comb as a guide. Notice Stacey adjusts the head position forwards for accuracy.
tailored shape haircut - step 6 tailored shape haircut - step 7
Step 7
Continue with parallel sections.
Step 8
Assess the shape and balance.
tailored shape haircut - step 8 tailored shape haircut - step 9
Step 9
Now continue the horizontal sections following the curve of the head into the side and temple area. This area is worked back and square onto the back guideline.
Note some hair through the side may not reach the guide depending on the previous haircut. This will be corrected when these lengths are balanced with the front sections.
Step 10
Continue with parallel sections up to the parting.
tailored shape haircut - step 10 tailored shape haircut - step 11
Step 11
Begin the internal shape taking a vertical section running from the crown to the point of the fringe section. Cut the first two sections parallel.
With the first section elevate and overdirect forwards with an acute finger angle. Cut from short to long, the shorter area near the fringe, the longer area towards the back of the head.
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