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Step 12
Next take a vertical section in the back, elevate the hair and remove the corner from the top of the section.
The Step haircut - step 12 The Step haircut - step 13
Step 13
Then work this technique round the head, creating a softer edge. Be sure to pivot through to a horizontal section as you work in front of the ear.
Step 14
Next work on the triangular fringe section. Take a horizontal section using tension and a pointing technique to achieve the desired length.
The Step haircut - step 14 The Step haircut - step 15
Step 15
Then refine this line on the surface of the skin.
Step 16
Then repeat the same process with the subsequent section.
The Step haircut - step 16 The Step haircut - step 17
Step 17
Next use a hair slicing technique to loosen and soften the fringe.
Step 18
Now work the remainder of the horseshoe section taking a vertical section, elevating the hair upwards and square and cut a loose line with the blades of the scissors.
The Step haircut - step 18 The Step haircut - step 19
Step 19
Then refine the remainder of the disconnected hair, allowing for texture and movement.
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