Short Wavey Wedge How To (2)

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Short wavey wedge - Cut the other side
Step 5: Apply the same technique to the other side, remembering to leave out the first section.
Short wavey wedge - Move to the back
Step 6: Now, move to the back area and take a diagonal section from the previous horizontal section. Take a piece of hair from above the ear incorporating some of the front and back and twist the hair so your fingers are parallel to the section in the back.
The degree of this section is determined by head shape and hair line. Principally this concerns itself with following the shape from front to back.
Short wavey wedge - Cut parallel sections
Step 7: Continue with parallel sections using the front horizontal sections as a guide and ensure to over-direct forwards and down. The degree of graduation can be varied according to your desired shape, elevation and movement.
Short wavey wedge - Obtain balance in the graduation
Step 8: Once 50% of this side is completed, move to repeat the process on the second side. This assists in obtaining a balance in the graduation.
Short wavey wedge - How to cut
Step 9: Now, go back to the first side and continue, but leave two final sections out.
Short wavey wedge - Crosscheck the haircut
Step 10: Repeat this process on the second side until all sections are completed. Then finish the original first sides sections. Then crosscheck diagonally. If there are mistakes, stop and revert to the original technique.
Short wavey wedge - Refine the cut with clippers
Step 11: Next, refine the outline with clippers and a small amount of clipper over comb.
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