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Short Men's Haircut How To (2)

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Step 4
Repeat this process on the other side. Take care to adjust your body and finger positions accordingly to maintain a consistent shape.
short men's haircut - step 4 short men's haircut - step 5
Step 5
Again, check your work visually.
Please note the squareness of both the vertical and horizontal aspects.
Step 6
Return to the first side and continue with vertical sections back towards the round of the head using your front sections as a guide. This will incorporate the hairline.
short men's haircut - step 6 short men's haircut - step 7
Step 7
Repeat this process on the other side.
Step 8
Now work with the centre-back and work vertical sections forwards to meet the previously cut side area. Be careful to overdirect to create a corner at the round of the head which you will later refine.
short men's haircut - step 8 short men's haircut - step 9
Step 9
Repeat the same process on the second side.
Step 10
Next, clipper-over-comb - blending from the bottom to the top of your instigated shape. Initiate this process in the front where the highest short point will be and work back, blending to a lower point as you progress. Notice Stacey uses his comb to mirror his initial shape. In this way you allow the initial shape to be refined to the appropriate lengths, employing a gradual refining process.
short men's haircut - step 10 short men's haircut - step 11
Step 11
Notice how Stacey works the comb and clippers together in panels, subtly refining the shape. Start this process in the front side areas then move in panels towards centre back.
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