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Short Graduation How To (3)

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Step 12
Notice that, due to the elevation, the perimeter outline is going to have a soft loose edge.
short graduation - step 12 short graduation - step 13
Step 13
Now take subsequent parallel sections through the remaining left side panel, elevating and connecting to the back panel.
Step 14
Repeat this process on the other side.
short graduation - step 14 short graduation - step 15
Step 15
Next, bring down the top section and blow dry the hair. This section is pivoted from the crown, starting vertically and moving towards the front hairline - elevating and over-directing the sections and cutting a square line using the underneath as a guide. The square graduation creates a long front piece.
Step 16
Work through these sections and loosen the haircut using a pointing technique to reduce weight and produce a flattering slimline shape.
short graduation - step 16 short graduation - step 17
Step 17
Notice how the finger angle has changed from vertical to horizontal.
short graduation - finished hairstyle
This is a backbone technique and a foundation to many varied looks.
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