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Short Graduation How To (2)

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Step 4
Start in the centre-back area, taking a vertical section and cutting a square graduated line.
short graduation - step 4 short graduation - step 5
Step 5
Now, take pivoting diagonal sections that move up the centre section, working from the vertical and progressing to the horizontal section line.
Step 6
Now cross-check your work in the opposite manner. Note: Cross-checking is done to refine and not alter the line.
short graduation - step 6 short graduation - step 7
Step 7
Repeat this process on the second side using the central section as a guide. Maintain awareness of the body and finger positions to ensure proper balance.
Step 8
After completing four sections on the second side, cross-check your work to assess the flow of balance.
short graduation - step 8 short graduation - step 9
Step 9
Finally cross-check and refine the section.
Step 10
Refine the outline shape using a pointing technique.
short graduation - step 10 short graduation - step 11
Step 11
Start with the left-hand side area, which is the shorter side of the parting. Work a diagonal section from the front temple area through to behind the ear, elevate and over-direct back and use the guide in the back section to cut a line from long to short.
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