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Short Graduation - How To (2)

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Step 4
Continue taking approximately 4 to 5 parallel sections to where the head rounds, using over direction, to create a flat internal shape which graduates towards the nape.
Please note you will attend to the outline at a later stage, assessing weight required for the outline shape.
short graduation - step 4 short graduation - step 5
Step 5
Repeat this process on the second side.
Step 6
Next cross check your work horizontally and refine where necessary.
short graduation - step 6 short graduation - step 7
Step 7
Now return to the parallel sections, working to the back of the ear. As you work this area, pivot the sections upwards. Use overdirection to maintain weight around the back of the ear. This creates a slightly curved internal shape which gets longer towards the back of the ear.
Step 8
Repeat this process on the second side.
short graduation - step 8 short graduation - step 9
Step 9
Next, cross check your work diagonally to refine.
Step 10
Now bring down both side sections. Beginning with the left-hand side, work vertical sections using the previously cut section as a guide. These sections are a continuation of the underneath sections. As demonstrated, the sectioning allows you to blend the back and the sides fluidly.
short graduation - step 10 short graduation - step 11
Step 11
Continue with parallel sections to the back of the ear, working with over direction and a curved internal shape. Please note Stacey is using a more acute elevation to create a gentle roundness through the top.
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