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Short Graduated Bob How To (3)

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Step 12
Now refine the outline perimeter using freehand techniques to softly blend, being mindful of the natural growth patterns.
short graduated bob - step 12 short graduated bob - step 13
Step 13
Next, bring down the top area. Create a diagonal section across the head from offcentre front to just in front of the ear. Using the underneath sections as a guide, together with elevation, over-direction and angling your fingers from long to short, cut a line maintaining the length through the perimeter.
Step 14
Continue with parallel sections applying the same process, being careful to maintain length. You are not rounding this section but creating a triangle of length.
short graduated bob - step 14 short graduated bob - step 15
Step 15
Now work these sections over the crown.
Step 16
Repeat this process on the second side.
short graduated bob - step 16 short graduated bob - step 17
Step 17
Using freehand techniques, refine the longer areas through the front.
short graduated bob - finished style
A soft blend of rounded graduation contrasted with triangles of variable length and even weight running throughout the perimeter and maximizing head shape and movement.
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