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Short Graduated Crop - How To (3)

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Step 12
Continue this process to the top of the section crossing over the diagonal lines.
short crop - step 12 short crop - step 13
Step 13
Now cross check in the opposite direction.
Step 14
Repeat this process on the second side.
short crop - step 14 short crop - step 15
Step 15
Next, refine and blend through the perimeter with a scissor-over-comb technique.
Step 16
Next, work with the top section on the right-hand side. Take diagonal section from the L-section to the underneath guideline in the side. Elevate and over-direct and cut from long to short using the underneath as a guide and continuing the line.
short crop - step 16 short crop - step 17
Step 17
Repeat this process throughout this section increasing the diagonal as you work towards the back and cutting from short to long, maintaining length in the top of the section. This initial process gives you the weight you require at the round of the head.
Step 18
The next process will allow you to blend the length of the L-shape with the right-hand side. Remove weight from the top by working with horizontal sections, elevating straight up and cutting from shorter to longer using a pointing technique. Work first from the centre to the front, then from the centre to the crown. This will create a wrapping fringe across the top once the L-shape is brought down and refined.
short crop - step 18 short crop - step 19
Step 19
Please notice that when Stacey reaches the crown he pivots the section.
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