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Short Graduated Crop - How To (2)

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Step 4
Once you reach the back of the ear continue this line into the back hairline.
Please note the Stacey is comfortable with the amount of hair in the back hairline as he had made an allowance for this when he cut his initial section. This leaves room and hair length for later refinement.
short crop - step 4 short crop - step 5
Step 5
Once you reach the curve of the head towards the back, the over-direction increases to maintain length and to enhance the head shape.
Step 6
Continue with this process in to the centreback until you reach the end of the section.
Please note that Stacey once again increases his over-direction especially in the nape area. You will return and refine this central back area at a later stage. Initially the main focus is to run the graduation from front to back evenly.
short crop - step 6 short crop - step 7
Step 7
Next cross check your work using horizontal sections.
Step 8
Then refine this area using a scissor-overcomb technique starting in the front.
short crop - step 8 short crop - step 9
Step 9
Now, create a new section reflective of the first side, running from temple to crown. Repeat the same process on the second side.
Step 10
The ample over-direction allows for the next tailoring process.
Stacey has broken down his technique into two sections, first establishing graduation and length, then refining and contouring the head shape.
short crop - step 10 short crop - step 11
Step 11
Return to the original side and start to work with diagonal sections behind the ear tailoring his nape area. You want to create a fitted edge under the occipital bone with weight sitting on the top.
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