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One Length Haircut How To (2)

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Step 4
Stand your client allowing the hair to fall in its natural position. It is important to create weight in this first section as it is your outline and guide for the rest of the cut.
one length haircut - step 4 one length haircut - step 5
Step 5
In order to control your section use the comb and scissors with loose tension.
Note that Steve uses his scissors behind the section and his comb in front.
Step 6
Position the comb as a guideline and then cut from the centre working out.
one length haircut - step 6 one length haircut - step 7
Step 7
Assess and refine your shape.
Step 8
Repeat this process with the next section working towards the crown area.
one length haircut - step 8 one length haircut - step 9
Step 9
Always be careful to maintain and cut to your guideline.
Step 10
Next, incorporate the side triangle areas into the back section. Please note that the thickness of the first section will be determined by the perimeter hairline and quality and density of hair.
one length haircut - step 10 one length haircut - step 11
Step 11
Start in the centre of the section and work outwards incorporating the side areas. Comb these side areas back and over the shoulders to maintain a square line. Please note that Steve is careful to be consistent in his method using his comb and scissors to create the same tension throughout his haircut.
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