One Length Bob - How To (2)

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One length bob - Cut the entire back section
Step 6: Continue your parallel sections into the front hairline with the same tension and using your previous section as a guide. Please note that Stacey cuts the entire back section before progressing into his first side area. His initial side section will be quite large in order to establish weight in the outline, this is dependent on hair quality.
One length bob - Maintain the square outline
Step 7: Use your scissors to pick up and lay the hair over the ear, tapping the bottom of the ear before cutting to allow for protrusion. Be careful to maintain your chosen square outline.
One length bob - Cut the second side
Step 8: Repeat this process on the second side.
One length bob - Check the cutting balance
Step 9: Next check your balance visually and technically.
One length bob - Hair cutting process
Step 10: Continue with this process on both sides until you reach your initial sections.
One length bob - Allow for the ear protrusion
Step 11: Please note when you check your line there is a small corner that allows for the ear protrusion which must not be cut off.
One length bob - Work with two triangle sections
Step 12: Next work with your two triangle sections either side of the parting. Work with parallel sections and cut a square line with the same degree of tension and using your previous section as a guide. Please note that Stacey chooses to complete one side then the other.
One length bob - Cut the fringe
Step 13 Bring down the fringe area. Use a curved horizontal section using the bridge of the nose and the corner of the temple as a guide. Cut your line using your comb as a guide. Please notice how Stacey contains the hair in the comb as he cuts.
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