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The Grand (4)

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Step 20
Check the entire shape visually.
long haircut - step 20 long haircut - step 21
Step 21
Take out the plaited areas which would differ according to quality and density of hair.
Step 22
Using a slicing technique work through the fringe section on a side parting to create a sweeping edge that runs from the left hand side across. This will achieve a cute angle allowing the shape to push to one side.
long haircut - step 22 long haircut - step 23
Step 23
Repeat this acute angle on the low side of the parting. Please note to pay special attention to working visually on this the weaker side.
Step 24
Now refine internally with a pointing technique to loosen and soften any corners throughout the perimeter.
long haircut - step 24 long haircut - finished hairstyle
The record breaking Grand, left to dry naturally so the haircut does all the talking. Your clients will be flocking back into the salon.
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