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Step 12
Next check the shape visually paying attention to growth patterns.
long haircut - step 12 long haircut - step 13
Step 13
Now take a vertical section from the first quarter as a guide for the back quarter.
Step 14
Next take a vertical section from the centre back, use the guide, elevate the hair straight out and cut a curved line parallel to the head shape.
long haircut - step 14 long haircut - step 15
Step 15
Continue down the section repeating the same process and continuing the line.
Step 16
Again notice how Lee continually checks his work visually.
long haircut - step 16 long haircut - step 17
Step 17
Now continue with this process all the way to the back of the ear using parallel sections with even over direction and elevation, following the guide.
Step 18
Divide the section for ease and accuracy.
long haircut - step 18 long haircut - step 19
Step 19
Then repeat this process on the second side using the previous centre section as a guide.
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