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Step 4
Begin with the left out triangle in the fringe. Comb down the section and cut a square line with the points of the blades thus creating the guide for the entire haircut.
long haircut - step 4 long haircut - step 5
Step 5
Next work on the front right hand side quarter. Take a vertical section from the high point of the head to the front hairline.
Step 6
Elevate and slightly over direct the back of the section forwards and cut a line from short to long using the first section as a guide. This establishes a curved layered internal shape.
long haircut - step 6 long haircut - step 7
Step 7
Continue this process with parallel sections throughout this quarter paying attention to the slight over direction producing a gentle concave internal shape. Notice Lee is constantly checking his over direction as this is key to his cut.
Step 8
Please notice the soft angle of the external line is getting longer which later is refined.
long haircut - step 8 long haircut - step 9
Step 9
The last section in this quarter is over directed to the top to maintain length on the perimeter. Then cross check.
Step 10
Then repeat this process on the second side.
long haircut - step 10 long haircut - step 11
Step 11
Notice to check the geometry of the angle is the same on both sides. Through constant checking and positioning the result will be accurate.
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