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Long Graduation with Pivoting Sections (3)

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Step 12
Bring down the circular crown area and take diagonal sections to refine and blend with the perimeter.
long graduation - step 12 long graduation - step 13
Step 13
Check through the crown and refine the corner to blend.
Step 14
Visually check the balance and weight.
long graduation - step 14 long graduation - step 15
Step 15
This haircut can be dressed in several ways. Here, Stacey chooses to tong the hair to create a clean, smooth finish to the cuticle.
Step 16
Starting with horizontal sections, tong even sections of hair wrapping from ends to roots. This creates a more defined curl through the ends.
long graduation - step 16 long graduation - finished hairstyle
The result - A reduced commercial and editorial shape giving way to vibrant and sensual curls.
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