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Long Graduation - How To (3)

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Step 12
Then take subsequent sections parallel to the first moving back toward the crown, again mirroring the outline.
long graduation - step 12 long graduation - step 13
Step 13
Please note the direction in which the hair is combed and cut. Too much overdirection will increase the graduation through the outline.
Step 14
Repeat this process on the other side.
long graduation - step 14 long graduation - step 15
Step 15
Next divide the hair from the front hairline vertically to the nape in 2cm sections.
Step 16
Elevate the hair vertically, straight out from the head and cut a straight line from short to long (graduation) using his previously cut fringe section as a guide. Ensure enough weight is established through the outline.
long graduation - step 16 long graduation - step 17
Step 17
The central section is a guide for the internal layering. Take a pivoted section from the crown down to the front hairline incorporating a part of the central section already cut. Again, the hair is elevated, over directed and cut using the previous section as a guide. Note: Because of the natural curve of the head, the hair is over directed thus creating an internal concave shape.
Step 18
Take subsequent parallel sections which. Over direct using the previous section as a guide. Again these sections are elevated and cut short to long (graduation).
long graduation - step 18 long graduation - step 19
Step 19
Now repeat this process on the second side.
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