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Invigorating Haircut How To (3)

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Step 12
Next, return to the first section working from the mastoid area to the centre back.
invigorating haircut - step 12 invigorating haircut - step 13
Step 13
Cross check and refine the internal shape through the back.
Step 14
Dry and finish the hair.
invigorating haircut - step 14 invigorating haircut - step 15
Step 15
Now refine and connect the hairline visually using appropriate freehand techniques.
Step 16
Next, connect the centre back technically, creating a flatter internal shape through the centre.
invigorating haircut - step 16 invigorating haircut - step 17
Step 17
As you work towards the ear, over-direct back to the centre leaving length behind the ear.
Step 18
Repeat this process on the other side.
invigorating haircut - step 18 invigorating haircut - finished hairstyle
A simple method of working with overdirection on the outlines combined with a flawless head-hugging internal balance to produce a soft but invigorating haircut.
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