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The Horn (3)

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Step 12
Work with horizontal sections carefully building weight.
the horn haircut - step 12 the horn haircut - step 13
Step 13
Once the hair is dry, visually refine the longer left outside areas.
Step 14
Work internally, loosening the shape with a pointing technique. You should have developed a slight bi-level shape, layered and rounded into the nape with areas of length dropping down. These dropped out areas will depend on density, quality of hair and section size and can be varied according to taste.
the horn haircut - step 14 the horn haircut - step 15
Step 15
Next work on the fringe section. Dry the hair in order to work with the natural fall of the hair. Take horizontal sections and cut a curved line at eye level with the points of your blades.
Step 16
Now slightly elevate these sections to increase the graduation around the fringe area for a softer looser finish.
the horn haircut - step 16 the horn haircut - step 17
Step 17
Continue this process back to the crown area. Notice how the two longer areas in the top fall over the shorter side areas.
The Horn - finished hairstyle
Characterised by ease, Lee has created a bi-level interchangeable cut with defining square and round internal layers.
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