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The Horn (2)

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Step 4
The two small vertical sections at the front hairline represent the start point for the haircut.
the horn haircut - step 4 the horn haircut - step 5
Step 5
Take a vertical section approximately 1 cm from the hairline. Then elevate, over-direct and cut a shorter to longer line. This leaves you with a good amount of hair in the hairline.
Step 6
Repeat this process on the second side, checking the balance.
the horn haircut - step 6 the horn haircut - step 7
Step 7
Now work vertically, moving back behind the ear and towards the centre back section using the same degree of elevation. Please note that you should limit your overdirection from section to section keeping the shorter area consistent.
Step 8
Using the previously cut guide, continue on the second side to the centre back.
the horn haircut - step 8 the horn haircut - step 9
Step 9
Refine over the crown area, connecting both sides.
Step 10
Now cut the side area using a pointing technique.
the horn haircut - step 10 the horn haircut - step 11
Step 11
Next point a square line in the nape area using horizontal sections.
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