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Graduated Bob How To (3)

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Step 12
An important area are the sections leading up to the back of the ear, these have to be pulled down slightly and again the fingers pointed towards the chin, this will still create a slight amount of graduation, but will allow for the weakness around the ear area.
graduated bob - step 12 graduated bob - step 13
Step 13
Now work from the parting with a diagonal section around into the back behind the ear. This follows the outline shape in the fringe. Next, with very little tension and using the comb as a guide, cut a line from the temple down towards your back guideline behind the ear, creating a corner.
Step 14
Apply a pointing technique to soften the edge creating a graduated outline.
graduated bob - step 14 graduated bob - step 15
Step 15
Continue with parallel sections over the head towards the disconnected crown area, allowing the shape to be graduated depending on the quality of the hair. The amount of elevation will vary, pending head shape and texture. Following the same pattern connect in the back area using the appropriate elevation.
Step 16
Once the hair is dry, refine and define the outline shape. Refine the outline on the other side according to shape.
graduated bob - step 16 graduated bob - step 17
Step 17
Work with the crown area dry in order to maximise the natural movement of the hair. Use a pointing technique to give a softer and natural feel to the overall look.
graduated bob - finished hairstyled
The final result. A beautiful defined form with graceful internal movement. A pure fundamental technique with a playful angle on the balance between shapes.
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