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Graduated Bob How To (2)

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Step 4
This leaves a circular section, which is disconnected in the crown area to facilitate movement.
graduated bob - step 4 graduated bob - step 5
Step 5
Divide the first section from the crown to the back of the left ear. Allowing you to concentrate on the graduation from the nape to the occipital bone.
Step 6
Next, take a vertical section in the centre back, divide the hair and take a narrow section from nape to crown.
graduated bob - step 6 graduated bob - step 7
Step 7
Work your graduation in a classic form, moving up and pivoting around your initial section. Angle the fingers toward the chin to create a graduated effect. Do not cut the hair in the hairline too short to avoid an aggressive result.
Step 8
Slowly pivot sections around to achieve the desired angle. Continue your sections towards the back of the ear.
graduated bob - step 8 graduated bob - step 9
Step 9
Take diagonal sections that run down towards the front of the hairline and connect with underneath graduation. Now the internal shape extends to the front hairline, remember the outline is worked after all the internal graduation is complete. This allows for softness and movement when the hair is dry and sitting naturally. Remember to elevate the hair very slightly to round off (soften) the graduation.
Step 10
Gently check through your existing shape, this process is to clean and not to alter the internal shape.
graduated bob - step 10 graduated bob - step 11
Step 11
Begin the second side in the same manner and repeat the process with diagonal sections moving up the centre section and pivoting around to the top of the ear. After every three or four sections it is a good idea to cross check to ensure that balance and graduation are on track.
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