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Elegant Soft Crop - How To (4)

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Step 20
Work free-hand techniques with the fringe area.
elegant crop - step 20 elegant crop - step 21
Step 21
Now move to the crown area.
Step 22
Take a section from the centre of the circular section to the front and, using the front area as a guide, cut a line from short to long towards the back.
elegant crop - step 22 elegant crop - step 23
Step 23
Using the front of this line as a guide, pivot the subsequent sections on either side and cut from short to long to create a conical shape in the centre of the crown.
Step 24
Repeat this process on the bottom of the circle connecting the back to the crown.
elegant crop - step 24 elegant crop - step 25
Step 25
Repeat this process on the two sides of the circular section.
Step 26
Now dry the hair using a Red Leopard print Corioliss dryer.
elegant crop - step 26 short crop - finished hairstyle
The result is a fitted elegant soft crop with emphasis on the conical interior which enhances the head shape.
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