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Elegant Soft Crop - How To (3)

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Step 12
Refine the outline around the ear with the same techniques.
Please note how Stacey is careful and visually aware when refining.
elegant crop - step 12 elegant crop - step 13
Step 13
Next, work with the top area. Take a side section from the crown to the front hairline, elevate the hair and cut a square line. Note Stacey has chosen this line as he has carefully observed the growth patterns and wishes to achieve a flattened tailored effect which reflects the natural parting.
Step 14
Please note as you work across the head you should follow the roundness of the crown section.
elegant crop - step 14 elegant crop - step 15
Step 15
Work approximately five sections.
Step 16
Now, work with the same technique on the under-side of the line, completing this section with a little over-direction creating weight where the head rounds.
elegant crop - step 16 elegant crop - step 17
Step 17
Next, return to the top and continue with parallel sections, over-directing as you go.
Step 18
As you are cutting a square line, you will create corners in the side areas which you will later refine.
elegant crop - step 18 elegant crop - step 19
Step 19
Then refine the corners, connecting the top to the side areas.
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