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Elegant Soft Crop - How To (2)

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Step 4
Once you have reached the round of the head, cross check your work.
elegant crop - step 4 elegant crop - step 5
Step 5
Repeat the same process on the second side in order to maintain balance between the two sides.
Step 6
Now return to the first side and work with parallel sections with the same process towards the back of the ear. Please note the angle slightly changes from vertical to diagonal as you work, following the round of the head.
elegant crop - step 6 elegant crop - step 7
Step 7
Repeat this process on the second side.
Step 8
Return to the first side and using the same technique, work through into the front.
elegant crop - step 8 elegant crop - step 9
Step 9
Once you reach the front hairline, apply slight over-direction which effectively softens the perimeter to gently frame the face.
Step 10
Repeat the same process on his second side.
elegant crop - step 10 elegant crop - step 11
Step 11
Next, refine the perimeter in the back using freehand techniques and working with the natural growth patterns ensuring a clean tailored outline.
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