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"The Channel" How To (3)

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Step 12
Next work the same technique working away from the fringe to the back of the head completing the circle.
The Channel cutting technique - step 12 The Channel cutting technique - step 13
Step 13
Next you will cut the longer lengths, working with the sections that are narrow at the crown. Take your guide from the adjacent previously cut section and makes it a little longer. Using a free hand technique, work from short to long to achieve an acute angle. These sections are overhanging and disconnected.
Step 14
Continue with this process around the head. Assess the balance and shape visually.
The Channel cutting technique - step 14 The Channel cutting technique - step 15
Step 15
As you work around the head, continually assess your work paying attention to perimeter outlines and hair density. This is a great way to break up curly hair adding a short internal shape without the volume.
Step 16
Refine the outline shape through the front using a parallel section to the perimeter. Create a soft curved line with a free hand technique for maximum shape and length.
The Channel cutting technique - step 16 The Channel cutting technique - step 17
Step 17
Repeat this process on the second side using the fringe area as a guide. Please note the second side is weaker in density as it is the low side of the parting, so take due care.
Step 18
Then work with the final circular section in the crown area. Divide this area into four equal quarters. Using the comb as a guide, add 3 cm to the length and cut from short to long from the central point of the circle.
The Channel cutting technique - step 18 The Channel - finished hairstyle
The Channel magics in the sectioning. Amazing for curly hair and working equally well on wavy, straight, thick or fine hair - breaking the shape beautifully and allowing the hair to be light and free.
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